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That's why we're dedicated to educating and informing our customers about simple ways to become more energy efficient! How can we help you? Aside from informing you about fuels and energy saving ideas, we offer some programs that help you better understand your fuel usage.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and other heat trapping gasses are changing the composition of the earth's atmosphere. We call these emissions "greenhouse gasses," and the amount generated by your household depends on your home's type of energy use and demand.


The Fuels you use to power your home make a difference.

Fuel sources ranked from cleanest to dirtiest in terms of air emissions:

  • Renewable fuels such as wind and solar
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil
  • Coal

Natural Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, emitting 40% less C02 per unit than oil. It also emits less Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides than oil or coal.

Energy & Money Saving

By challenging yourself to conserve you can save money as well as conserving water and helping the environment. For ideas on how to save money and energy please see our savings tips page. 

Money Saving Tips

Boiler & Furnace Rebate Program

Comfort Systems offers programs to assist you in conservation. Our boiler and furnace rebate program offers rebates up to $200 for installing a high efficiency furnace or boiler. Programs for commercial and industrial customers are also available. There is a specific Energy Conservation Programs which offers grants for energy conservation upgrades to existing plants and facilities.

See our Rebates & Programs

Home Energy Loans

See information about our low interest home energy loans.

Home Energy Loans

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