Current Changes to ComfortSystems billing accounts in relation to the COVID-19 Virus.  

  1.  All utility and service accounts will continue to bill for regular usage charges.
  2. All utility disconnections for the cold weather rule, non-payment of utilities, and between owner/owner, owner/tenant, tenant/tenant transfers have been suspended.  Meaning that utilities will remain on during this time.  
  3. Beginning 3/27 customer accounts will no longer be charged penalties going forward on unpaid balances. Accounts will not be issued disconnection notices during this time.  Please note some notices may have been sent prior to this date and future dated.  These disconnection notices will not be executed. 
  4. ComfortSystems will arrange payment plans for customers requesting help during this time based on the financial resources and circumstances of the customer.  Customers will still be responsible for all utility charges and will have to eventually bring their account balances current through a payment plan.


If you feel that you need to setup arrangements due to the impact of COVID-19 please send an email stating the following: 



Account Number: 

with subject: COVID-19 Assistance Request to 




24 Hour Emergency Numbers

Street, Water, Sewer:


Natural Gas:


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