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ComfortSystems has maintained applications on file for landlords and property management companies in the past, but has never before offered uninterrupted services.
Wonder what prompted the new process? The Landlords!


To be part of the new landlord revert process, you must fill out the application here:

Landlord Revert Application

More Information about Landlord Revert

List all of the properties that you would link to have this rental agreement applied to, attach a copy of your ID and you are done!

To offer this program, ComfortSystems will keep your application on file for three (3) years. The property listings will need to be updated annually. Gas and/or water service will not be interrupted between tenants and service will revert to an account in the landlord or property manager's name for continued billing. By entering in the rental agreement, you will be responsible for all charges accrued and service and be terminated for non-payment.


Rental Energy Upgrade Program

ComfortSystems, Minnesota Power, and Ecolibrium3 have partnered to introduce an energy efficiency program designed for small rental properties.

Potential Participants:

  • Property owner or landlord who own or manages a two, three, or four-unit rental property
  • Rent to income qualified households

Heating System Grants: - Grants are only available for properties that require a split of their mechanical systems. Grants are 50% up to the maximum value listed below for qualifying upgrades and the equipment must be over 90% efficient.

Mechanical Upgrade Maximum Grant
Duplex $5,000
Triplex $7,500
Fourplex $10,000

Insulation and Air Sealing: - Free weatherization and air sealing services are available. Grants are also available for qualifying professional air sealing and insulation projects. Ask Ecolibrium3 about their Giving Comfort at Home program.

Print REUP info

Questions? email or call 218-730-4060

General REUP Questions

If you are a landlord or renter interested in participating please contact Ecolibrium3 using the information below:
(218) 336-1038
2014 W Superior St. Duluth, MN 55806

Need consumption reports for tax purposes? Request them here:

Consumption Request

Want to quote a security deposit for future tenants? Request the amount here:

Security Deposit Request








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