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Having trouble with your gas furnace or other gas appliances? Comfort Systems can help. We provide repair service for all of your residential natural gas appliances including water heaters, furnaces, grills, fireplaces, stoves, clothes dryers, and commercial ovens and fryers at very reasonable rates. If your furnace goes out in the middle of the night we offer 24 hour emergency service.

Is it time to have your furnace cleaned and inspected? Experts recommend a yearly checkup to keep your furnace running safely and efficiently, and to catch small problems before they become large costly repairs. Our Comfort Policy is also an inexpensive service plan for your natural gas furnace. Get ready for next winter by having your furnace serviced and cleaned this summer. There are three ways to schedule your furnace cleaning:

Call to Schedule

218-730-4050 Option 1

Schedule a Furnace Cleaning

Schedule a Comfort Policy Cleaning

Questions? Email the service department directly at

Did you know? You can schedule your furnace cleaning from the customer portal.  The customer portal is your reference point for all ComfortSystems information for all account services.  See more information about the customer portal here


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