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Boiler and Furnace Rebate Program


This program offers a rebate directly from ComfortSystems when you are looking for a new high efficiency boiler or furnace. When you buy a new high efficiency boiler or furnace from one of our trade partners and it is installed within the ComfortSystems service territory, you get a rebate from $50 to $200, depending on the efficiency of the unit. To qualify for the rebate, the unit installed must be on the ComfortSystems' rebate equipment list.

How do I get $200?
Here's the breakdown of the efficiency requirements for rebates:

  • Boiler at 83.5% and greater AFUE is eligible for $50 rebate
  • Boiler at 90% or greater AFUE is eligible for $200 rebate
  • Furnace at 90% and greater AFUE is eligible for a $200 rebate

Additional Rebates are available from Minnesota Power for ECM fan motors, ECM circulators, Central Air Conditioning or an Air Source Heat Pump.

Work with your dealer, contractor or installer to get the rebate. There is a form we need completed by the installer and signed by you. Once the furnace is installed, the paperwork is filed with us and the furnace is inspected by the City of Duluth, your rebate check will be issued.
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    Fillable Rebate Form 

New Construction Programs

We want to encourage developers to make properties for low income residents as energy efficient as possible. We will review your design and make suggested energy conservation improvements. If you adopt any of these measures, you can qualify for a grant up to $30,000. Please contact us at for more information on how to qualify. Consult during the design phase to see if he can save you money on energy and offer some guidance on selection of mechanicals, insulation and windows.

Commercial and Industrial Program

Are you concerned about your energy use at your commercial or industrial location? ComfortSystems offers a 10% grant of the cost of the measures you take up to $25,000. Please email us at for details on how to qualify.


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