It's Efficient. Natural gas can be used "as is". It doesn't have to be converted into a liquid or solid to be moved or used. Plus, natural gas can be stored economically in underground reservoirs.

It's Clean. Natural gas is cleaner than any other fossil fuel. When burned, it gives off carbon dioxide and water, about one-half of the amount given off by coal and about two-thirds the amount given off by oil. Plus, it doesn't emit sulfur pollutants or soot when burned.

It's Economical. Natural gas is a cost-efficient form of energy. As new reserves are tapped, natural gas should continue to be an economical choice in the decades ahead. Think about it: 90% of the gas produced is delivered to customers as usable energy, compared to only 27% of energy converted to usable electricity.

It's Environmentally Safe. Natural gas is lighter than air, so drilling doesn't risk polluting the environment with spills of any kind. Pipelines are carefully engineered to avoid disrupting farms, towns, lakes, rivers, and wildlife habitats. Pipelines are also designed to prevent soil erosion and other environmental damage.

Now that you know all of the benefits of natural gas, let ComfortSystems assist you with all your natural gas needs.

Natural Gas - Your Best Energy Value.


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