New Gas Installation

New Gas Installation Steps - Start Here: 

The ENTIRE application process must be completed, please start with steps 1-3 before moving on.  

1.  Apply

The first step to getting natural gas ran to your property, is to apply for the service. This will open your billing account once the installation is complete and the gas meter is set. The application also gives the Engineering department authorization to install the service line. A security deposit and other fees may be required to your application.

Applications are taken until September 1st of each year OR until the funding limit is reached. Applications received after September 1st will be added to the following calendar year.

  Apply Online

2. Availability

Submission of your application will notify the Engineering Department and Comfort Systems of your interest in reserving a place on the gas installation list. The Engineering department will contact you within 5 days to let you know of the availability of natural gas at your selected service address.

Applications are taken until September 1st of each year OR until the funding limit is reached. Applications received after September 1st will be added to the following calendar year. 

3. Payment

Service installations may incur a cost.  There are multiple options available to pay for the cost of the service line installation.  An Engineering Representative will review these options with you. 

The first 3 steps must be completed to reserve your place on the installation list, once completed you can proceed.

4. Gas Meter Location Appointment

The Engineering Department will contact you to schedule an appointment to determine the location of the gas meter. These appointments are typically scheduled March through October.

5. Locate Private Utilities

Any private underground utilities (electricity, fuel lines, phone line to out buildings, underground dog fence, etc.) are the responsibility of the property owner to locate and mark prior to installation.

6. Obtain Permits

Plumbing permits are required. Typically, your plumbing contractor will obtain these permits for the installation. Permits can be obtained by contacting Construction services at the number below.

7. Installation of Service

Installations generally occur between May and November each year.

8. Gas Meter Release

A gas meter will not be released until the application is complete, the service line has been installed, the gas line has passed an air test, and the furnace information has been provided. Your contractor will be responsible for the final connection and the initial light up of the furnace.


Commercial Accounts and New Construction Disclaimer

Follow steps 1-8 above, however, there is additional information that needs to be provided

A1. Site Information

A copy of the site plan will be necessary to determine length of service and potential installation issues.

A2. High Volume Load Sheet

A high volume load sheet will be required for all properties with a load greater than 400,000 BTU’s.  This sheet is necessary to properly size the gas service line, meter and regulator. The high volume load sheet is available by contacting the Engineering Department.

A3. Adjustment to step 4 above

The location of the gas meter will be determined once the walls are constructed and the site is approaching final grade.


Who to Contact

Comfort Systems

(218) 730-4050

Contact Comfort Systems with questions about your application including security deposit questions and amounts

(218) 730-5200

Contact Engineering with questions regarding your service installation, costs and fees associated with the installation. 
Construction Services

(218) 730-5300

Contact City of Duluth Permit office to obtain a permit.


24 Hour Emergency Numbers

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Natural Gas:


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