Comfort Systems is dedicated to providing our customers with safe and reliable natural gas service. Natural gas is odorless and colorless in its natural state. An odorant that has a distinctive rotten egg smell is added to the gas to make it easily recognizable so you can take the appropriate action and stay safe.

How to recognize a gas leak:

  • A rotten egg smell in the air
  • Dead or dying vegetation over or near a gas line
  • An unusual hissing or whistling sound
  • Unexplained dirt or debris blowing into the air
  • Water bubbling

If you detect a gas leak:

  • Leave the area immediately
  • Call Comfort Systems 24 hour emergency line 218-730-4100 or 911. Do not use cell phones or land lines near the leak
  • Do not use anything that may cause a spark such as light switches or thermostats.
  • Do not smoke near the leak


24 Hour Emergency Numbers

Street, Water, Sewer:


Natural Gas:


811 - Know what's below. Call before you dig.
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