Lead Water Service Information

Lead Water Service Information

Concerned if your public or private water service is lead? 

Approximately 5000 residences have been identified to contain lead public water lines.  These residents will receive a letter and information regarding lead safety until the necessary repairs are made.  If you would like to find out about your private service 

1. Use the NPR tool to identify the service material


2. Call Engineering at 218-730-5200 

3. Schedule a service technician to inspect your service at no cost.

Have you identified that you have a lead water service? 

Recommendations for reducing levels while waiting for replacement or if replacement is not an option include: (more information regarding water credits and length of time to run water to come)

  • use cold water 
  • run faucet each morning before using water for drinking or cooking
  • purchase a water filter

For More Information

For more information about lead services, resources, and other information, see the City's Lead Service page and Press Conference by clicking the buttons:

Water Service Pipe Public v. Private

For residents with a service address in zipcodes:
Request your Water Service Inspection

For residents with a service address in zipcodes:
Request your Water Service Inspection

Press Conference    Lead Water Education

Lead Testing Results


24 Hour Emergency Numbers

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Natural Gas:


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