Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Top 3 goals for our budget bill program

  1. Give customers a consistent monthly billing amount
  2. Build a credit balance during less expensive summer bills to draw from during the heating season
  3. Get all customers as close to a $0 balance in August as possible

Our budget billing program is an 11-month bill program that begins with September billing and ends in July.  Beginning budget amounts are calculated from the customer’s usage at the property and considers projected market price changes. Any remaining balance due in August must be paid to $0 before the customer can automatically be re-enrolled in the budget program for the following season. 

Budget Signup

If you were previously enrolled in the budget program your account will automatically re-enroll after your August bill is paid to $0. 

Current Charges Example


Current Charges – are the current charges for this month’s bill

Balance Due – Running charges as a result of the budget plan

Amount Due – Budget amount