New Gas Installation

Benefits of Natural Gas

It's Efficient. Natural gas can be used "as is". It doesn't have to be converted into a liquid or solid to be moved or used. Plus, natural gas can be stored economically in underground reservoirs.

It's Clean. Natural gas is cleaner than any other fossil fuel. When burned, it gives off carbon dioxide and water, about one-half of the amount given off by coal and about two-thirds the amount given off by oil. Plus, it doesn't emit sulfur pollutants or soot when burned.

It's Economical. Natural gas is a cost-efficient form of energy. As new reserves are tapped, natural gas should continue to be an economical choice in the decades ahead. Think about it: 90% of the gas produced is delivered to customers as usable energy, compared to only 27% of energy converted to usable electricity.

It's Environmentally Safe. Natural gas is lighter than air, so drilling doesn't risk polluting the environment with spills of any kind. Pipelines are carefully engineered to avoid disrupting farms, towns, lakes, rivers, and wildlife habitats. Pipelines are also designed to prevent soil erosion and other environmental damage.


  New Service Line from the main to your Residence or Commercial Space

The first step to getting natural gas ran to your property, is to apply for the service. This will open your billing account once the installation is complete and the gas meter is set. The application also gives the Engineering department authorization to install the service line. A security deposit and other fees may be required to your application.

Applications are taken until September 1st of each year OR until the funding limit is reached. Applications received after September 1st will be added to the following calendar year

Residential Installation

Apply for the Project

Complete a high volume load sheet for properties over 400,000 BTUs

Commercial Installation

Apply for the Project

Provide a copy of a site plan to determine the length of service and potential installation issues

 Complete a high-volume load sheet for all properties

  New Fuel Line from your house to an outbuilding (garage, etc.)

Underground gas fuel lines must be reviewed by the City Engineering department before Construction Services can issue a permit.  Please reference the City of Duluth’s Engineering Construction Standards for more information regarding underground gas fuel lines.

New Gas Line inside your home (new range, water heater, other)

If you would like to have a gas line installed inside your home for a new appliance, please call 218-730-4050 option 1 or email

  For Natural Gas Appliance Repair Work

If you would like to get an estimate for a repair on for service work done by our technicians, please use the request option here:

Schedule Online

  Replumb, Splitting or Dividing the Inside Gas Lines to Separate Meters

Are you replumbing your duplex, triplex or other rental property? This allows your tenant to apply for the utility account. To ensure that the billing accounts are setup correctly for your replumb, please fill out this inquiry before requesting an additional gas meter. 

Replumb Inquiry