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Your Guide to ComfortSystems

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Now that you have signed your lease, it is time to setup your utilities with ComfortSystems


Start Service

have you just moved into a new home or apartment? are you a new comfortsystems customer?

Transfer Service

Are you moving within the City of Duluth? Applying for an additional property? Use the transfer service form!

Name Change

Change the name on your account

    • Marriage / Divorce
    • Legal Name Change
    • Deceased Spouse
    • Changing Roommates

Did you know?!

  • Your 1st ComfortSystems bill may take 6 weeks, after that your bills will generate monthly.
  • After you apply for service, you will get an auto response. After your application is processed you will receive an email from ComfortSystems staff including your account number and credentials to setup the customer portal.
  • Automatic payments by checking or savings or from recurring credit or debit card all automatically pull payment on your bill’s due date.

Stop Service

If you are moving out of your apartment and do not need another ComfortSystems account, don’t forget to close out your account.  ComfortSystems shuts off service between accounts, if you are moving out during the weekend, select the following business day on the form.

If you are moving out and your roommate(s) are staying, a roommate will need to take over the service to prevent shut off.

Stop Service

Natural Gas Safety

As a tenant you are still responsible for reporting any natural gas smells or potential leaks. ComfortSystems technicians are available 24/7 for emergency response.



Carbon Monoxide Information:https://blueflame.org/facts-about-carbon-monoxide/


Access instructions – providing access to the gas and/or water meter inside the property.  Customers can be home during the appointment, leave a key hidden, a door open, or provide a lockbox code

Adjustment – a manual adjustment made to your bill by ComfortSystems staff.  These appear in this section of your bill

Adjustment Example

Bank Drafting – ComfortSystems in house processing of auto payment by checking or savings account. See also Easy Pay.

Date of service – date that your billing account with ComfortSystems begins

Delinquency – balances overdue by over 30 days

Easy Pay - ComfortSystems in house processing of auto payment by checking or savings account. See also Bank Drafting.

Gas meter – outside looks like this

Interruption of service – when there is a lapse in account holders and ComfortSystems shuts off the utility service until a new application is made.

NSF – returned payment.  Fees may apply for all returned payments.

Penalty – late payment interest charge

PGA - PGA (Purchased Gas Adjustment) If the wholesale price of gas purchased by the City of Duluth is increased or decreased as compared to the residential small volume customer rate listed in the Customer Rate Schedule, the unit commodity charge ($ per CCF) for gas sold under the applicable rate scheduled shall be increased or decreased on the customer's monthly bill in the same amount as the unit cost of gas has been increased or decreased.

Refund - any security deposit shall be refunded to a residential heating or domestic applicant when such applicant has promptly paid his or her bills for a period of 12 consecutive months after such applicant has deposited the full amount of the required security with the department, and to an applicant other than a residential heating or domestic applicant when said applicant has promptly paid his or her bills for a period of 24 consecutive months after such applicant has deposited the full amount of the required security with the department.

Security deposit - The department, at any time and at its discretion, may require from an applicant reasonable security to safeguard itself against the loss of or damage to equipment and to insure prompt payment of all bills subject to the following conditions

Security Deposit Waiver – ComfortSystems offers several ways to waive the security deposit payment. 

  1. Proof of 1 year of good credit history from another utility company
  2. Automatic payment by credit or debit card
  3. Automatic payment by checking or savings account

Single Metered Duplex -



Subdivision 1. Definitions. For the purposes of this section, "single-metered residential building" means a multiunit rental building with one or more separate residential living units where the utility service measured through a single meter provides service to an individual unit and to all or parts of common areas or other units.

Subd. 2. Single-meter utility service payments. Except as provided in subdivision 3, the landlord of a single-metered residential building shall be the bill payer responsible, and shall be the customer of record contracting with the utility for utility services. The landlord must advise the utility provider that the utility services apply to a single-metered residential building. A failure by the landlord to comply with this subdivision is a violation of sections 504B.161, subdivision 1, clause (1), and 504B.221. This subdivision may not be waived by contract or otherwise. This subdivision does not require a landlord to contract and pay for utility service provided to each residential unit through a separate meter which accurately measures that unit's use only. This subdivision does not prohibit a landlord from apportioning utility service payments among residential units and either including utility costs in a unit's rent or billing for utility charges separate from rent.

Unit of measurement – ccfw = 748 gallons.  Ccfg = 100 cubic feet of gas.  These are the unit measures for billing.

Water meter – inside, looks like this or like this

 Old Water Meter