Request a Water Meter/Irrigation



Interested in keeping your yard green and your plants hydrated?   Are you building a new business and need an irrigation meter to accompany the business? Home and business owners can apply for a second watering meter and pay only water charges. 

*ComfortSystems does not allow deduct meters

Additional Water Meter

Replumbing a property from a single metered unit, to each unit having its own meter? The additional meter will require a new billing account.  Use the application for a secondary or to request additional water meters.

Have questions about tail pieces or connection fittings contact us before submitting your request.


Request a Water Meter

Replumbs, Splitting or Dividing Water Service

Are you replumbing your duplex, triplex, or other renal property? This allows your tenants to apply for the utility account. To ensure that the billing accounts are setup correctly for your replumb, please fill out this inquire before requesting additional water meters. 

Replumb Inquiry