Security Deposit Information

3 Ways to Waive your Security Deposit

ComfortSystems is proud to announce increased options for waiving your security deposit. See your options below: 

***All of the security deposit waiver information will be included once your application is processed. 

Automatic Payments by Checking or Savings

Sign up for automatic payments from your checking or savings account.

Automatic Payments by Credit Card

Sign up for automatic payments from your credit or debit card.

Credit Reference

From a like utility company stating good credit over the past 12 months. 

Pay the Security Deposit


Amount Request Form   Refund Request Form


New Construction $305.00
Gas/Water/Sewer/Storm $305.00
Mobile Home $100.00
Water/Sewer/Storm $100.00
Water Only $45.00
Sewer Only $80.00
Gas Water Heater or Fireplace $120.00
Gas Range or Dryer $35.00
Gas Only Multi-Family 20+ Units $35.00
Gas Heat Only $220.00

Security Deposit Assistance 

Need assistance with the security deposit? Work with numerous agencies to help. More information built into the application for service.

Local agencies assist customers with security deposit payments.