Landlord Revert

ComfortSystems offers uninterrupted service  for landlords, property managers, or property owners between renters. 

How does it work?

Fill out a short landlord revert application, list all of the property addresses that you want to maintain uninterrupted service at, attach a copy of your ID and you are done!

To offer this program, ComfortSystems will keep your application on file for three (3) years. The property listings will need to be updated annually. Gas and/or water service will not be interrupted between tenants and service will revert to an account in the landlord or property manager's name for continued billing. By entering in the rental agreement, you will be responsible for all charges accrued while the account is in your name.  Past due charges for your accounts with landlord revert or past due charges on your personal accounts will result in a lapse of uninterrupted service until the charges are brought current.

To be part of the landlord revert process, you must fill out the application:

Landlord Revert Application

Resources to Share with Tenants

Landlord prevents an interruption in service, but your tenants will still need to apply for service to get the billing account in their name. 


Provide the tenant with our QR codes that link directly to the application for service


Provide the application QR Code by printing or emailing our calling all renters flyer. 


Calling all renters flyer


Provide tenant with our Tenant Information Guide


Tenant Info Guide

Comfort Policy

This annually renewing service plan offers some amazing benefits including a yearly cleaning and inspection, twenty-one parts, and service labor coverage.  For more information see our Comfort Policy page

Comfort Policy


Need consumption reports for tax purposes?

Consumption Request

What to quote a security deposit for future tenants?

Security Deposit Request