New Home Owner Guide

Your Guide to ComfortSystems

  Apply For Service

Welcome to Home Ownership! ComfortSystems provides natural gas, water and sewer utilities within the City of Duluth limits.  Your first step to getting a ComfortSystems account is to fill out an application.  Applications are available online. 

  • As soon as you have a closing date you can apply for service. And if the date changes closer to closing, call, email or stop in our office and we can adjust your start date.
  • If you need to close out an old account, we have a form built just for your, use the transfer service form available here to close out your current account and setup your new account. And it is ok if the dates don’t match.
  • One more time, your service dates don’t have to match! With ComfortSystems each account is assigned to a property instead of the customer, therefore you can have multiple account numbers in your name at any given time or during an overlap between closings or move out dates.


  Appliance Service Department

Our service technicians provide emergency services for gas leaks, appliance repairs both for emergency and scheduled repair, gas piping for a new natural gas appliance, furnace cleanings, inspections, and more.  As you settle into your new house, if you need assistance with your natural gas appliance, schedule an appointment online today.


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  Comfort Policy

What is a comfort policy? A comfort policy is our in-house program designed to keep home owners natural gas heating equipment tuned for efficiency and in running order.  Customers with the comfort policy get a break on service labor along with access to discounted or free parts should your heat source ever break down. 


Comfort Policy Information

  Home Energy Loans & Rebates

Does your new home have an outdated furnace or boiler? Does your new home need a new lateral sewer line? ComfortSystems has an inhouse low interest loan program to help customers upgrade old heating equipment for efficiency or to replace lateral sewer lines in need of repair.  If you would like more information on if your project qualifies see the home energy loan page.

If you replace your heat source with a new high efficiency boiler or furnace, whether you use our loan program or not, you are eligible for a rebate.  ComfortSystems also offers rebates for smart thermostats, home energy audits, and more.  See our rebates page.

Home Energy Loans   Rebates

  I & I Point of Sale Certificates & Inspections

Get a copy of your I&I certificate

Every house sale requires a certificate of compliance or a waiver for the inflow and infiltration program.  You can schedule your inspection online and request a copy of the certificate.  See the I&I page for more information

I & I Information

  Natural Gas Safety